1 Minute Charger

Life has become really fast, stressful and monotonous. Like me, do you too feel a need for some quick tip to recharge your spirits quickly in a minute? Something that is handy and works every-time, wherever you are.

Well, here is something i found practical and it works every-time and i decided to call it:
1 Minute Charger

The idea is a simple technique that charges you up with full energy to take on your next assignment.
The best thing : It works
Second best thing : You can do it anywhere you are, home, office, travelling…

Here’s how to do it:

1. Be Comfortable : Sit comfortably wherever you are, with back straight and close your eyes.

2. Focus on Breathing : Start focusing on your breath. Visualise it entring your body through your nose and leaving.

3. Count for Concentration : Do not get distracted with outside noise or inside thoughts. Start counting 1 – 60 with every inhale and exhale to focus.

4. RelaxAfter a minute (after your counting is over). Rub your hands, (palms facing inwards) to generate some heat and put the palms on your eyes for few seconds.(This can be optional if you are at office etc.)

5. Feel the ENERGY : Gently open the eyes and feel the new energy created within you.

Do it, Feel it and spread it.


1 min charger


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