15 min can Change Your LIFE

Think of any skill you want to learn and master, any hobby you are thinking of pursuing, or any talent you are looking forward to acquire.

I have been in a situation so many times when i wish to do something and complete it, but then i think so much over it, plan for it, create time-table but somehow i am not able to follow the plan and eventually postpone it or drop it.

I thought of creating a list of activities,skills,talents that i wished to do or acquire in the past one year. I then divided the list in 2 columns. The first one had all the skills and talents that i was successful in acquiring or was making a good progress over them. 
The second one had all those activities, skills that i failed to do and achieve.

This division laid the way to more clear thinking and i was able to find clear  reasons why i failed in some of the planned activities.
It also gave me a clear understanding on the ways to become successful with your to do list.

One of the prominent factors that leads to becoming successful is CONSISTENCY.
All the things that i was able to achieve was due to a daily routine and continuity.

And the best part is that it does not require you to spend hours daily on something. All you need is 15 min Everyday. 

Yes, and that is much better than devoting 5 hours once a week on your skill.

Consistency holds the key for achieving anything over a period of time. You can increase the time if you can, but 15 min everyday is what is required. And this holds the promise of making you great in whatever skill you want.

And this does not go without the backing of science and research. Our brains are designed to absorb and be comfortable with daily routines (even if its for a shorter duration) than doing something once a while. There are other things that are good to do once a while like holidaying, partying etc. But for something you want to achieve, a skill you need to master, the brain needs to develop a wiring of neurones that can only be developed through daily, consistent practise.

Research too supports this fact that people doing something daily over a period of time have much higher chances of mastering the skill than those who do it once a week, although the total numbers of hours being same in both cases.

And this is all logical, you can devote only 15 mins per day to reading and do it consistently, you can complete one book every week. That will be about 4 books per month and  about 50 books per year. Can you imagine how wise you can become reading 50 books a year, and that takes just 15 min per day.

This is true for any activity/skill you can think of.

Lets try this out. Take up something you have been wanting to do. Spend 15 min everyday with consistency. And see the results after a week.

You will be much better than today. And thats a PROMISE.







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