3 TIPS for a better LIFE


This is one of the first and best way to bring quality to your work, life and everything else you do. We often clutter up our lives, both physically and mentally. Let’s clear this mess.

Start by cleaning up your home/office desk. Remove all the clutter, all unnecessary things. Make it minimalistic. I recently did this to my desk at home. It had everything cluttered up and I could never work with focus. I took out an hour and cleaned up. Now it has just a plain desk with my laptop and my productivity has increased many-folds since then.

It’s amazing to know that when you do this your thoughts and actions also get de-clutterd. Its an amazing feeling. Try today and experience yourself.



Take out focussed intervals of time and do one thing  in that interval with all your attention and energy. You will be amazed how much you can do in 1 hour if you do with full focus.

When you work, have focussed time intervals of short duration (30 min to 1 hour) and during this time work on one thing with all your senses. Switch off all external stimuli. Nothing will happen if you do not check or answer your phone, emails, messages for this interval.

Do this today and experience how much it increases your efficiencies.



If you are waiting for achieving some distant goal to become happy and satisfied, take a pause and reflect. If you cannot enjoy the process, if its only the end result that will make you happy, you need to introspect.

All of us have limited time here. Use it in the best way you can. Do things you enjoy and enjoy doing things.
Take breaks, go out and spend time with your families and friends. Do not get so much worked up. Bring quality in everything you do. This will bring quality in your life.


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