4 Habits to a More Productive Life

Daily Habits and Rituals make a greater impact than anything else in our life. Any goal/destination/target cannot be achieved just by planning. It requires a dedicated routine, and that is formed out of habits.
The good news is, its not difficult to make yourself more productive and efficient on anything you do, provided you know and inculcate some habits in your life.

Here are some top habits that will help you make life less complicated and more productive:

1. De-CLUTTER your life and targets :

Simple said, don’t chase 10 things at a time. Even if there are multiple jobs you want to do in a day, create specific slots for every activity and follow the schedule accordingly.

“Person who chases two rabbits catches neither”

Can you exercise and eat at the same time? Even if you try the result can be harmful. Same applies with everything else. Having dedicated time slots for every activity not just makes your brain less confused and more productive, but also helps in completing that particular thing effectively and faster than you could imagine.

2. Concentration is the KEY :

Lets do a experiment. Take up any half an hour activity that you can do. It can be reading few pages from a book, completing some part of your project, writing, watching some tutorial/videos etc. Now do the following:

A. Sit in a room/place where no-one will bother you for next half hour.
B. Make sure any external sounds/voices do not disturb you.
C. Now turn off all the sources of distractions like :
-Put your phone on silent (world will not end if you don’t reply every call and message instantly)
-Email notifications (do not check your email and put off email notifications)
-Social Networking (do not check any of your social networking accounts during this half hour)

The key is to create a complete DISTRACTION FREE ENVIRONMENT.
Now set an alarm for 0.5 hrs and start on your activity with full focus and concentration.

How do you feel after half an hour? Did you feel any difference than your normal working and efficiency. I am sure you did. In fact you would have hated the sound of the alarm when you were fully engrossed with your work.

Just imagine how efficient and productive you can become if you can do every work like this.

3. Do not get OVER-WORKED :

Over work is the killer of creativity. Researches have proved that our brain and body is not designed to work on the same thing repeatedly over longer periods. Do take frequent breaks and recharge yourself.
If you are working on some problem/assignment from a long time and not finding the resolution, simply get off and take a small break and start again. You will feel the difference.

4. Keep a day off for RECHARGING :

Suppose a person is driving his car. The fuel is running low. But the person says:

“I have no time to stop and re-fuel as i need to reach my destination faster.”

What will happen eventually ?
This is similar to our situation most of the times. We are so much busy in completing our tasks, assignments and projects that we don’t have time to re-fuel ourselves.
Always keep a day in a week where you can do some other activity. Go out, spend time with your family, enjoy a walk in nature, a dinner outside, a movie or do anything you like doing that day.

These 4 habits are very easy to inculcate in your daily life and routine. Imagine how efficient and productive you can become within days if you know and follow the above steps.
Do practice them and if you find it works, definitely share these tips with your family and friends.


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