4 Levels of Learning

Whenever we start to learn any new skill, we go through these 4 levels. I got a chance to know about it through a talk by Jordan Belfort and was inspired to put this article on the 4 levels of learning.

If you know these levels, i hope you will never stop your journey of learning anything until you reach the 4th level. The levels are:

1. Unconscious Incompetent : When we start to learn any new skill. We know very little or nothing about it and we are not at all good at it. We don’t even know what we need to know about that skill. This stage is being unconsciously incompetent.

2. Conscious Incompetent : This is the level when you are aware of the things you need to know about that skill, although you are still not good at it, but you know something about what you need to learn or do to get better at this skill.

3. Conscious Competent : This is a stage when you have practiced few times and are good at the skill but you have to do it with a lot of focus and energy. Remember when you were a kid and learnt to tie your shoes. You had to do it with a lot of focus and concentration.

4. Unconscious Competent : This is the stage when you become really good at the skill and you can do it without lot of conscious focus on it.

The only way to get from Conscious Competence to Unconscious Competence is through PRACTICE,PRACTICE AND PRACTICE.

And there is a little science behind this. When you do some activity over and over and over again, our mind develops neurone memories. What this means is for every repeat action(thinking) we do our brain neurones  transmit nerve impulses on the same route over and over again. If it travels the same path a 100 or a 1000 times, it creates a memory and the next time it takes much less time and energy to travel the same path.

Your unconscious part of mind is infinitely more powerful than your conscious mind.

Whatever you try for the first time, you are going to fail over and over again. Remember these 4 levels and keep PRACTICING.

What new skill you want to learn. A new language, a new technology, dance, musical instrument, cooking.
Whatever it is just remember the 4 levels of learning and Practice until you reach the level on Unconscious Competence.

Just do it Over and Over and Over again until you become the master of your skill.




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