5 Tips to remain ENERGETIC full day

Follow these 5 simple tips to feel and remain energetic throughout the day

  1. Wake up early –  Wake up early. Drink a full glass of warm water. Do some exercise. This will lay the foundation for your rest of the day.

  2. Thank You note – Have a small diary and write a line of thank you. Be grateful for your life, for your family, food, shelter and similar basic things that many are not privileged to have. Also you can do some self-talk for 5 min. Tell yourself – “This is the best day ever of your life and you will be happy and cheerful throughout the day.”

  3. Do something you love –  Do something you love – reading, music anything for sometime. You will feel great

  4. Help Others – Help others in whatever small way you can. Be polite to everyone. This will make you happy.

  5. Drink, Eat healthy and smile often – Drink lots of water, eat healthy and avoid junk food as much as possible. Keep a light smile on your face. This is bound to make you feel happy and energetic



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