This website is dedicated to you, reader.

An attempt to provide a platform for sharing some life experiences, knowledge and learnings. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Life is experienced through various encounters that teaches us the basics of leading a great life and this site is all about sharing all such observations, that will help, guide and make life more meaningful for you.

We often make life too complicated to understand and enjoy. Lets de-clutter and remove all complexity and start on a journey to charge-up our life by following very basic and easy fundamentals and some inspiration.

Words from Author…

The idea behind this site was my strong belief and urge to pass on the knowledge, experience and information that i was fortunate to receive during various encounters with life.
I have been learning a lot and have failed at various stages and events in life. I have learnt a lot from people, places, books and wish to pass on and share this knowledge to as many people as i can in this lifetime.

Every article relates to our day to day life experiences and about becoming better with simple practical habits. This is my small and humble attempt to give back what i was fortunate to receive. If you find any article useful and helpful, please pass on this wisdom to your friends and family.

I have not kept any copyrights. You can re-publish any of my articles to spread this knowledge and help as many people as you can.

…cheers to a new beginning


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