Adding Colors to Life

Often our daily life and routine becomes so monotonous and dull that we excessively feel the need for a break to escape out of our daily schedules and go for some outings, tour, vacation or just have some relaxed time with family at home.

A lot of times this works, we feel lively and energetic and start again with our daily work and life and go into the same mode until the next break/vacation.

How about creating daily rituals that can keep us in high spirits and we keep our lives vibrant everyday.

1. 30 min morning time: Always start your day with 30 min of personal time. This time you can choose to have a walk, sit quietly at your favourite place at home and just meditate for some time. Write a journal or visualise your goals. A deeper connection with your inner-self is very crucial to keep yourself calm, focussed and energetic.

2. 30 min at night : After you complete your days work and before going to sleep always keep 30 min just for yourself. This personal time you can use to read a book, meditate, write a journal or simply sit relax and visualise your dreams. This daily act will not only keep you stress free and help in a good nights sleep but will also help you focus on your goals and dreams with higher dedication.

3. Give Your Best : Do one thing at a time and give your best shot. This is the secret to do great work and also enjoy what you are doing. Instead of cluttering your life with too many simultaneous jobs. Take up one task, plan time accordingly and do it with full energy and passion. This will greatly enhance your productivity and will keep you motivated.

4. Take Frequent Breaks : Taking small frequent breaks when involved in long duration assignments. This helps to refresh, remain focussed and relieve stress. Also science has revealed that our brains cannot focus with same intensity for longer durations.

5.  Start a hobby/passion: Think of something you want to learn and do and could never take out time. The fact is you can start anytime and start small, but begin now. If you find a group, even better.
Even if you invest few min. a day on your hobby, you will be much better at it in a month. Also this will keep your daily life lively and vibrant.

Following these simple strategies will definitely make your life more attractive and dynamic and will definitely add colors to your life.



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