An Awesome 2016

How do you want your 2016 be like. Will it be a replication of last year or you wish to make it the best year yet of your life.
We all make new promises and resolutions every year. Remember what all things you decided to achieve in 2015. How did you do in reaching those milestones. Did you face the challenge of maintaining the momentum throughout the year. If yes then its completely normal, many of us face this issue and there is nothing to be worried about it. The key lies in knowing and following the right approach towards keeping your resolutions.

Lets follow these key processes while creating our new year resolutions, so you can stick to your goals and achieve all milestones.

1. BE REALISTIC while creating new year resolutions : Do not set out huge impractical goals for yourself. Remember no one gains anything overnight. It is a gradual process that has to be dedicatedly followed everyday.

“Small DAILY progress leads to BIG results”

So what is that one big thing you want to achieve or become this year. Write it down and analyse if that seems to be a huge thing. If yes, break it down in smaller goals.

2. Don’t just wish, Carve out a PRACTICAL PLAN : Wishing to do or learn something or become someone is just the very first step towards your goal. It is important. The very next thing you must do is to take a pen and diary and carve out a plan for yourself. Here write down answers to the following questions:

1. What do i want to do / learn / become this year?
2. When do i want to complete this goal?
3. List out things that i must do/follow on a daily basis to push towards my goal.

Once you have listed down the above 3 important criteria, you are good to start working on your promises for this year.

3. WORK DAILY. NO Gaps : The most important step. Daily practice is what makes a great athlete, a great leader, a great learner. You can read about anyone who became master of their craft. It was only with daily monomaniacal focus over a period of time on beating on their craft, that they emerged as masters. We mostly look at people when they become successful. Try looking at their past journey/routine/life and you will realise how essential daily practice is.

4. Keep a PROGRESS CHART/diary : Always document your work. This helps in multiple ways. Writing down your daily progress makes you committed and also releases good hormones that makes you feel good about working towards your goal. Also in the process you create a life-guide for yourself that you can refer back at any point in life.

5. Share with your FRIENDS and FAMILY : As per a study, we often are more committed and serious towards something when we know that people are looking forward to us achieving that thing. Sharing your goals/resolutions with your family or friends is a good way of keeping yourself committed to your goals. You can also share your daily progress and participate in others goals also. A committed group of people working towards their goal is much better that an individual working alone.

6. Find a TEACHER / MENTOR / COLLEAGUE : If you know someone who can mentor and guide you in your journey of reaching your milestone, definitely take help and guidance. Don’t be afraid of asking help from others. It might turn out the best decision of your life. Having a teacher to explain the finer details about the craft cannot be compared to any knowledge in this world.

7. PROMISE something big to yourself : Always make a wish, write it down and promise yourself to fulfil that once you have reached the milestone that you have planned for yourself.

Life is too short to post-pone the beautiful dreams and goals you want to achieve. Take a decision today. Follow the above tried and tested formula and start working towards your goal.

“Have an AWESOME 2016”



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