1 Minute Charger

Life has become really fast, stressful and monotonous. Like me, do you too feel a need for some quick tip to recharge your spirits quickly in a minute? Something that is handy and works every-time, wherever you are. Well, here is something i found practical and it works every-time and i decided to call it: […]

What is 4 Square Breathing

I recently discovered this awesome breathing technique and thought of sharing this with you. The Technique: The very basic implementation of this technique is to inhale and exhale in equal proportions. Step 1 : Inhale and take a deep breath for 4 secs. (count upto 4 while inhaling) Step 2 : Hold the breath for 4 […]

How to become GREAT at any skill

Do you want to learn some new skill or become better at something you already are doing? It sometimes feel very difficult to pursue and persist and reach to the next level. How about if you get a simple process to do this and learn and achieve anything you want to. Lets unravel the secret to become […]

How to find Happiness

“I was searching for Happiness everywhere outside, The quest finally ended when i looked inside.” Everyone of us longs to find happiness, joy and a reason to always keep smiling. You must be no exception and this is because remaining cheerful is a basic human nature. What if you find a way to always be […]

How was my 2015 : Learnings !

Yet another year is about to end. Looking back it feels as if it was a very short year. May be i feel that way because this year was full of events and activities, accomplishments, achievements and failures and a lot and lot of learnings. The best way to bid adieu to 2015 will be […]

An Awesome 2016

How do you want your 2016 be like. Will it be a replication of last year or you wish to make it the best year yet of your life. We all make new promises and resolutions every year. Remember what all things you decided to achieve in 2015. How did you do in reaching those […]

Do one difficult thing Everyday

Are you trying to start on some critical project or assignment. Do you feel that you are not able to progress enough on some important task that you need to complete. If the answer is yes, Don’t worry you are like many of us and it is natural. If brain perceives something as challenging or difficult, […]

Life Algorithm …

Have you ever imagined that we learn to create, analyse and use sophisticated gadgets like computer, mobiles, apps etc and become really good at operating them in some time, but often fail to analyse and learn our own self and lead a mediocre life. Even worse, some of us get frustrated over small day to day […]

Get. Set. Go – How to achieve any goal

“Take the very first Step Rest will be taken care of” Think of the last time you had planned to achieve a target, personal or official. What issues you faced, was the process of working towards your goals enjoyable or you felt irritated and just wanted to complete it because you had to, Or just […]

Journey is often more beautiful than the destination

Destination is your Achievement Journey is your Experience Reaching the top of a mountain is indeed an awesome feeling. But all that followed before is what gives you knowledge and experience. Ever wondered, when you tell others about any goal you achieved, you normally tell them the story of how you planned it, what hardships you […]