Be the change you wish to see. (True Story)

You are ready and able to do great things in this world. Everyone of us has some talent that the world needs us to show. You have massive dormant will and energy that can move mountains. Thats exactly the theme of today’s story.

This is a true story from INDIA.

1959, India, Gehlour a small village in Bihar surrounded by mountains. The villagers had to travel 70 kilometres (around the mountain) to reach to the nearest town to get medical attention.

Mountain surrounding Gehlour village

Dashrath Manjhi a landless labourer used to work in nearby fields. His wife, Falguni Devi, would cross the mountain to bring him food. One day while trying to climb the mountain she fell down and ultimately died due to lack of medical treatment because the nearest town with a Doctor was 70 km away.

Devastated by her loss, Manjhi wanted to ensure no one else dies without medical care like his wife.

Dashrath Manjhi sold his goats and bought a hammer, chisel, and crowbar.

Hammer and Chisel used by Manjhi

He started on this impossible journey of breaking the mountain.
Inspite of all challenges, odds and resistance he continued his work.

People laughed and made fun of him but he just continued with his work with all determination and focus for 22 years.

Ultimately, the landless farmer, single-handedly carved a road by cutting the mountain using only a hammer and chisel. The path was:
360 foot long (110m)
25 foot high (7.6m)
30 foot wide (9.1m) 

His feat reduced the distance from his village to hospital from 70kms to just 1 km.

Ultimately a proper road was made after 22 years of his intense struggle.

Dashrath-Manjhi-The Mountain Man
Road built by Manjhi


How often do you blame a problem and situation. You are the one who will bring the change. All the universe is waiting for you to start and everything else will start falling in place.

You have tremendous will and power to break mountains. You have to decide to make the CHANGE happen.

It’s time to pick up the hammer ourselves and start chipping away at the seemingly insurmountable mountains that surround us.

Dashrath Manjhi (Mountain Man) 1934 – 2007



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