Can I Do This ?

I ask this question every-time before starting anything new.
Every new task presents several challenges and apprehensions.
We are filled with a lots of doubts and questions.

How will I do it ?
What if something goes wrong ?
Where will I find the resources ?
Where will I get help from ?
Do I have time for this ?
When will I complete ?

Today, when i look back, i find that every new thing i tried made me a better person, I learnt new things, I failed few times and still learnt from the failures, I had challenges, I faced hard times, I had to sacrifice few other things, but at the end of it all I was always a better, happy and experienced person.

I believe this is what Experience is all about.
Trying new things, learning, failing, trying again and getting things done.

Also when i recall all the moments, i feel good and happy about every new thing I tried.
And from all that experience, Here is what I can give you.

  • Don’t hesitate on trying new things.
  • Have belief and courage
  • Learn whatever you can
  • Give your best
  • Learn even if you fail
  • Get things done





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