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Don’t try to be a MASTER. Be a good Student

How true is this statement and this applies to everything in our life. I got an opportunity to watch a great interview of Ustad Zakir Hussain, a great Tabla Maestro. I was moved by his knowledge and humbleness. I am putting down few learnings and knowledge i got from this talk: Always be in Learning Mode […]

4 Levels of Learning

Whenever we start to learn any new skill, we go through these 4 levels. I got a chance to know about it through a talk by Jordan Belfort and was inspired to put this article on the 4 levels of learning. If you know these levels, i hope you will never stop your journey of learning anything until you […]

Making Change Effortless

How often do you face the challenge of changing some habit, routine, diet, way of living or any other aspect of life. We often start at something with great enthusiasm but most of the times this high energy lasts for a few days and we go back to our old habits and say “Change is […]

Power of Questions

How many questions do you answer or ask everyday? Probably we are surrounded with questions all the times. Some of these we create for ourselves, like: What will be my future. What will i do if this event happens. What am i going to cook today. What am i going to wear for the party. Why […]

4 Habits to a More Productive Life

Daily Habits and Rituals make a greater impact than anything else in our life. Any goal/destination/target cannot be achieved just by planning. It requires a dedicated routine, and that is formed out of habits. The good news is, its not difficult to make yourself more productive and efficient on anything you do, provided you know […]

How to live every moment

This one seems to be a heavy topic and i am no authority to speak or write on this. This is just my experience that i wish to share and may be helpful to you. Have you ever felt low, broke or depressed due to any person, circumstance or a thing in your life. We all, […]

1 Minute Charger

Life has become really fast, stressful and monotonous. Like me, do you too feel a need for some quick tip to recharge your spirits quickly in a minute? Something that is handy and works every-time, wherever you are. Well, here is something i found practical and it works every-time and i decided to call it: […]

What is 4 Square Breathing

I recently discovered this awesome breathing technique and thought of sharing this with you. The Technique: The very basic implementation of this technique is to inhale and exhale in equal proportions. Step 1 : Inhale and take a deep breath for 4 secs. (count upto 4 while inhaling) Step 2 : Hold the breath for 4 […]

How to become GREAT at any skill

Do you want to learn some new skill or become better at something you already are doing? It sometimes feel very difficult to pursue and persist and reach to the next level. How about if you get a simple process to do this and learn and achieve anything you want to. Lets unravel the secret to become […]

How to find Happiness

“I was searching for Happiness everywhere outside, The quest finally ended when i looked inside.” Everyone of us longs to find happiness, joy and a reason to always keep smiling. You must be no exception and this is because remaining cheerful is a basic human nature. What if you find a way to always be […]


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