Change your Day with Physical Reminders

What are physical reminders and how to get started today ?

Our life has become busy and complicated, we have to achieve so much in so less time.

We put reminders on our phones, calendars, emails so that we do not miss something important. We have a long To Do list everyday.

However all these virtual reminders are related mostly to our work and profession.

Have you ever thought that we also need reminders, for things that are higher than anything else, and are much more important in our life.

Lets talk and learn today, some of these critical reminders that have the power to change your day.

  • A hand written thank you note beside your alarm/phone
    a reminder every morning, to be grateful that you are alive and healthy today.

  • A framed photo of your loved ones on your desk
    a reminder to be grateful for your family. Imagine how blessed you are.

  • A wallpaper on your wall (not on your desktop) –
    with a message or picture to remind you of your most valuable assets.

  • A flower pot on your desk
    to remind you of all the vibrant colours of life. A message to energise and be productive.

  • A picture from your last family vacation
    a reminder to have family time and breaks often

  • A souvenir in your car/office
    to remind you of someone or something important that you value

  • A picture of a tree or river
    to remind you of selflessness and to be giving always and helping others

  • A gratitude stone/object of value in your pocket
    something you can keep always with you and can remember something important and of value whenever you touch it.

  • A picture or hand-written note on your dining table –
    reminds you to be grateful to have ample food on your table.


Pick up the reminders that mean most to you and start today. They have the Power to Re-charge your life. You will see the difference in your daily life from day one.

Change your day with Physical Reminders






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