De-Clutter your Life

Take a moment and look at your wardrobe or desk or your bedroom/living room.  Take 5 mins to observe and see how many things are lying around you without being used or things that are not so important for a decent living.

Today most of us suffer from distraction syndrome i.e. we cannot focus on our most important work as there is so much distraction around us.

Well, there is an easy cure and to begin with select a place where you want to do your most important work. Now, think about the work you want to do and the minimum required items you need for doing this work.

For e.g, if you want to write a book, the minimum requirements will be:

  • A Chair and a table
  • A set of Pens
  • Writing Material (may be a laptop)
  • A small bed (in case you like thinking while lying down)
  • Lots of space for a walk ..

Everything else present in that room will work as a distraction for a pure writing task.
Now if  you clutter your room with other furniture, wardrobes, clothes, TV and other luxury items, it creates a mental block.
On the other hand, having a minimalist setting for your work helps to focus and give all your senses and energies to one task.

Something similar happens with our life in general. We get attached to so many material things, activities and luxuries that we do not notice some very nice moments of life.

We are so involved in everything around us that we forgot the importance of having a relaxing walk with nature. We try to put in so much within those 24 hours, that things keep pending even on the most busy days.

We need to do the same exercise with our lives that we did with our room. 

Step back, relax and take a moment to observe your daily routine. How many activities, things, meetings, work are really required. What are all the things that you can get rid of. What is the minimalist set of things  that you need to do to make a good living. Why are you clinging to other things.

Find a quiet place. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and start running your normal day in your mind. Think about some of the things you do not require and can get rid of. Think of your most important work and relations and the minimalist set of things you require to maintain these.

Now make a list and start striking off the non-required things and activities from your life.

Your life will Thank You !




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