Do one difficult thing Everyday

Are you trying to start on some critical project or assignment. Do you feel that you are not able to progress enough on some important task that you need to complete. If the answer is yes, Don’t worry you are like many of us and it is natural.

If brain perceives something as challenging or difficult, it tries to keep us away from it.  So what is the very best way to complete a challenging assignments.

Here are few tips and tricks to help you achieve this.

1. Target it first thing in the MORNING :
Studies have revealed that our brain and body are fully charged and active in the first few after waking up. Utilise this extra charge to start working of something that you feel difficult and is less likely to be taken up during the rest of the day.

Based on your schedule you can reserve 1-2 hrs of morning for doing such things everyday.

2. Visualise yourself achieving your TARGET :
Well simply said that if the project, work, assignment, goal you are trying to achieve is a challenging one, definitely you will feel awesome after realising your goals.

In the morning just before starting on your work just close your eyes 2-5 minutes and visualise yourself having achieved your goal. Go deep and feel every emotion attached to it. How will you feel after this work gets done. How will your family, friends and colleagues say about you. Observe the moment with all your senses.
Its recommended to do this exercise while sitting (laying down might make you sleep again)

3. Promise yourself a REWARD :
This is one of the best tricks to make your brain work towards challenging goals. And why not use this to your advantage. Do promise a small gift/reward to yourself on completion of your daily targets.

But be honest with this. Treat yourself only when you complete your daily set targets.

4. Take the FIRST STEP :
Remember “Nothing moves until you decide to work”. All knowledge will be of no use until you sit down to work and apply this knowledge. Remember:


“Journey of a thousand miles begins with aSingle Step” – Lao-Tau

Just take a deep deep breath and decide to start on your number one priority now. Plan to do daily incremental work to achieve it.

A bonus of doing this is what Science has recently discovered. When you start working on challenging assignments and accomplish some part everyday, your brain releases hormones – oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and endorphin. This stimulates your brain and encourages to do and achieve even more. Soon you will realise that your energy levels have increased and you can do even more in less time.




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