Do Small Things in a Great Way ! The Story

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
                                                                      -Napoleon Hill

I often look at the nest of the weaver bird and think how can such a small creature build something so sophisticated and so durable ?

I have seen the nest withstand heavy rains and fierce storms. How intelligent and complicated is the design and how can a creature like a small bird get this done.

One day i saw a weaver bird looking to start building its nest.
I decided – Let me have a close look and observe. 

She started by selecting the right strand of grass one at a time and take it to the location of the nest.
How carefully she would select the location.
How selectively she would pick one strand of grass and weave it along the other.
How she would try and try again until it got the right knot.
How she worked whole day on this simple task so carefully, so focussed. 

At the end of the process there was this most beautiful structure hanging down the tree.
What a splendid architectural feat !

I learnt a lesson for life.
Everything and everyone that you see and admire today should have started the same way.

1. Starting small

2. Doing every action with full focus and,

3. Not quitting until its finished.

This is the secret to become great in anything you do.

To you, The Great Small Weaver Bird, i will come again to watch you and your nest whenever i need some dose of Inspiration.
Hats Off… Thank You !



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