Do what you Enjoy !

“The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.”  Malcolm Forbes

How great will your life be if you can do what you love doing and make a living out of it.

We often take life as it has to be lived as per a plan laid out by someone else. The truth is, we all can take control of our actions, future and life.

So how to make a living by doing what you enjoy doing:

  1. Start with it – What is that thing that you like doing and can happily do it till the end of your life. Take a pen and paper and write down all possible options for you to commercialise or monetise your talent.
  2. Start Small – Do not worry if you cannot make it big right away. Start at the smallest possible level. Whatever time, efforts you can invest for now, do that. Do it part time or even 2 hours a day, whatever suits you. Be persistent.
  3. Reach Out – Make people aware of what you are doing. Reach out through any possible medium. Look at the online sources.
  4. Love and Dedication – All this will work if you have love and dedication to what you are doing. Other things will follow. Ensure you never leave this passion for your work.
  5. Be the master of your craft – Once you are the master in whatever you are doing. There is nothing to stop you. Everything will come to you. Just keep doing your work with highest passion.

Working on what you enjoy and doing it with highest degree of passion and dedication is the best way to live a life.



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