Don’t try to be a MASTER. Be a good Student

How true is this statement and this applies to everything in our life. I got an opportunity to watch a great interview of Ustad Zakir Hussain, a great Tabla Maestro. I was moved by his knowledge and humbleness.

I am putting down few learnings and knowledge i got from this talk:

Always be in Learning Mode – Our growth stops when learning stops. There is no stage like absolute perfection. Howsoever good we are at any skill, there is always a scope for improvement. Never try to become a master, only strive to be a good student and you will become great.

Consistency  – One great performance and ten average performance does not make maestros. You have to  consistently perform world class. Therefore never relax after a great performance. Start working on your next show.

Persist.Persist & Persist – Never let any failure disappoint you. Keep practicing your craft inspite of any difficulty or opposition you face. Out of this will come out great work.

Worship your Art – If you take your work/skill/art as just another thing to do, there is no way you can be world class at it. The secret is make your skill very pious and worship it with full devotion. This is when you will be fit to be called a Guru.

Discipline and Focus – Create a plan and daily routine to devote to your practice and during this time do your work with full concentration. A focussed 1 hour of time is more than 8 hours filled with distraction.

Be Grounded – Remember to be humble. The knowledge of the fact that you have achieved something is not due to your individual efforts but a combined efforts of many people before you that helped bring that particular work/skill/art to a level where  you can take it forward, will help you keep yourself grounded.

Learn something new on your craft everyday – This will keep the interest going and you will learn a new technique/skill related to your work everyday.

Practice.Practice.Practice – Knowing all above things and not taking action will not take you anywhere. Take action now and persist until you achieve your goal.

I believe that following the above tips can make anyone GREAT in any walk of life.


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