Get. Set. Go – How to achieve any goal

“Take the very first Step
Rest will be taken care of”

Think of the last time you had planned to achieve a target, personal or official. What issues you faced, was the process of working towards your goals enjoyable or you felt irritated and just wanted to complete it because you had to, Or just left it.

What makes us encounter these challenges and make the whole process of goal achievement difficult, annoying and uncomfortable.

What if we can do the reverse, Make this process exciting and enjoyable with definite rate of success. The good news is all this is simple and easy if we follow some definite steps.

Be very very specific when you are selecting a target. Don’t set a target like –
I want to get fit by the end of this month
I want to complete this project by end of this quarter“Instead put up goals like –
I will run 1 km everyday at 6:00 am for next 3 days
I will complete this part (name) of the project by this day (date)

The important second step. Always write down your Big Goal on your notepad/diary. Science has proved that we are more committed to written goals/targets.

Never set a big goal and start working towards its. Goals should be very atomic in nature. If you have a big goal, split it into multiple small goals and write them down below the Main Goal.

The idea here is none of your goals/targets should be planned for more than a day. Even better set goals for few hours / half day etc. Create a date-wise chart.

Keep your written goals/chart at some place where you can always see it.
Another revelation by Science – things that keep crossing our vision during the day gets etched to our memories and get higher attention and priority.
I use a white board in my room where i keep writing – Things to do.Also look at your written goals first thing in morning and plan your day accordingly. Also re-visit it at night, before going to bed. So that you can analyse whats done and what is left.

Promise yourself some small/big treat on completion of every small goal. Lets face it, we all get excited when we know that we will get something if we complete this task. This is how our parents made us work on important things when we were kids, and this trick works.

The most important step. Nothing of the above planning will work unless you sit down and start working on your goals. Take the first small step. I promise rest of the process will be  exciting and enjoyable. Visualise yourself and how will you feel on completing this task at hand. It will give you great strength and happiness and commitment towards your goals.

Follow these simple 6 step and i can promise you will do much better than you can ever imagine. Today, people tend to make things complex and difficult. The whole idea here is to make the process simple and easy to follow and enjoy the process.

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