Hack away the unessential

“It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”
Bruce Lee

Think about your regular day, run a mental picture of your normal day.

How does it look like?dailyroutine

Do you feel occupied entire day and yet things remain in pending? Does your everyday looks very exhausting and yet not very productive?

Well, Don’t blame yourself. Don’t think you are inefficient or less productive at all. Its all because we have added so many non-required things in our lives that the essential things get lesser time.

Take a pen and paper (better writing than typing) and write down the normal things you do on a regular day. Note down even the smallest things.

After making the list ready, go through it again and highlight the ones that are very essential and have to be done.

Now look at the remaining items in the list. Does some of these look like:

  • Watching TV
  • Checking Social Media
  • Extra sleep hours
  • Surfing /Internet
  • Chat/Gossiping

 Okay, now against all these (not very essential) items note down average time you usually spend on these activities. 
Do a total. What does this amount of time looks like.
If this is within 1 hour, then you are doing just fine and do not require a change. But if the time is over 2-3 hours, you need a major change.

The idea is Not to stop these activities. They are essential for making the mind feel relaxed. Also trying to do a drastic change in short span is not recommended and does not work. Just analyse and note down what is the max time you need to give to these activities. Where can you save time and delegate that time to the more essential items on your list.

After this analysis, you will have the blue-print for hacking away the unessentials ready in your hand.

Now when you have the awareness of what you need to do and what not, you can take a better control over your time, your daily routine and your life.





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