How to become GREAT at any skill

Do you want to learn some new skill or become better at something you already are doing? It sometimes feel very difficult to pursue and persist and reach to the next level. How about if you get a simple process to do this and learn and achieve anything you want to.

Lets unravel the secret to become extremely good at any skill you want to learn.

1. Find the ONE THING:
What is that one thing you want to become extremely good at? Be precise. If the skill you want to learn is a combination of smaller skills, just split it up.
Now write it down on a blank page of your diary in BOLD.
You are done with the first most IMPORTANT step.

Now when you have a written skill, you need to focus a little and write down all the information you already have and resources where you think you can get more deeper information about the topic/area. Make a list and write it down on the same page.

3. Find a GUIDE / MENTOR :
Do you know someone who can guide you or teach you on this skill. If yes, its GREAT. Don’t wait and hesitate in taking help of others. If you can enrol yourself to learn that skill from some professional, do that. This will be a single best way to learn something faster.

4. Create a PLAN + ROUTINE :
Once you are done with finding your One Thing and have some good knowledge and information about it, carve out a plan on how you wish to achieve learning that skill. You can put down minute details as to what exactly you are going to do and when. Write down your plan and routine and keep it at a place where it is always visible to you.

5. Take ACTION and PERSIST :
The most important step. All earlier step will be useless until you take action on your plan and stick to it. The best way to do it is if you are doing it along with others in a group, or you have a mentor who checks your daily progress and guides you as well.

Also do not loose focus after some time into this plan. Persistence is the key and out of it will come out great work.
If you feel low at any moment, just envision yourself becoming master of this craft and how you will feel about it.

How great it would be if everyone of us knows the correct process and way to learn and become extremely good at anything we want. Follow this process and share it with anyone and everyone you can help.




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