How to live every moment

This one seems to be a heavy topic and i am no authority to speak or write on this. This is just my experience that i wish to share and may be helpful to you.

Have you ever felt low, broke or depressed due to any person, circumstance or a thing in your life. We all, at some time in our life have gone through dejections, misery, loss, failure, heartbreak, relationship trouble etc.
People tend to make these situations, the most important things in their lives. Some are ready to give up everything due to such issues.

How do you overcome any such situation.
Whenever you ever feel a little low due to any circumstance in your life, just close your eyes and imagine what is the one thing that is most important to you.

Is it money, relationship, that particular person or circumstance that you are thinking of, is it your car, house, family, friends.

I believe THIS VERY MOMENT and the fact that YOUR ARE ALIVE IN THIS MOMENT is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING, and rest all are secondary.

Lets do a practical trick. Close your mouth and nose forcefully and try to remain as such for 2 mins. Try as hard as you can.

Within a minute you will realise and say,

“Do hell with everything else. My life is the most important thing.”

And the fact that you are alive is more significant than anything else. The very act of taking air in and out that sustains life within you is the most crucial thing in this universe.

At that moment, nothing will matter more to you, your loss, your relationship, your fight with someone or your failure. Nothing is more crucial than being alive this very moment.

And now when you have realised the most important thing, you should also be aware that this one most important thing that you have is temporary and no-one knows when it can expire.
Imagine if you have just few days to live, what is that you will do? Will you waste any moment for insignificant things? You would wish to do everything that is most important and close to you. You will not find any time to be angry, to be depressed, you would want to do all good things and be good to everyone.

And if that is true, why not do it now. Life is in-fact temporary and you don’t know when will it expire. So don’t waste a single moment on anything that is not important. Lets not waste any precious life’s moment in dejection, depression, anger, hatred or sorrow. Lets live life and live every moment.



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