How to remain HAPPY always

Is life so complicated or we tend to make it that way ?
Why do we always struggle to remain happy ?
Why is it so difficult to remain peaceful and blissful ?

Can we get a simple formula that we can execute anytime and become happy?

Take a moment and observe what is the most important thing you have today. It is not money, job, family but your own life. Everything comes after your little piece of life.

Take a silent moment and observe this small piece of life within yourself. Observe your breath. Pay attention to the air going in and coming out. This is the most important thing in your life. Pay attention and think why have you taken it for granted. You are mortal ,you are not going to be here forever. You have limited time.

Do not take this beautiful life for granted.

When you goto bed today, remember that over a million people who sleep today will not wake up tomorrow.
If you wake up tomorrow morning, is it not a fantastic thing? Is it not the biggest thing in the world? And if everyone around you who matters to you also woke up, what a wonderful day it is.

Look at the ceiling and smile you are still awake and alive.

We live most of our times thinking as if we are immortal. We do not consciously think of our mortality.
If you remain conscious throughout the day of this fact that your time is limited, will you waste time having a fight with someone? Will you have time to crib ?

This thought and consciousness will give you strength and courage during tough times.

You will do nothing other than what is absolutely necessary for this little piece of life and for people who matter to you. If you just remind yourself of this one little thing, you will remain happy and blissful everyday.

Just adopt this formula for a day and you will feel awesome within yourself.


based on a talk by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


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