How to start a new activity

Want to start a new habit, activity, skill or routine?

Have you tried and failed several times. Does the initial momentum and enthusiasm fades away after a few days. If all this happens to you, it is completely normal and happens with majority of people.

So what is the way to start and continue and persist on any activity you want to do and complete.

1. Be very specific on What you want :

Be very precise and clear on what you want to achieve. Having a goal like :
I plan to loose weight” is not a good plan. Instead it should be :
I want to reduce 5 kgs by 30th May“, This is very clear and specific with timelines.
These specific goals provide better signals to the brain and are perceived by brain as something doable and achievable. Can take help from someone you know who has achieved the same thing earlier.

2. Break down into short goals :

If your goal is big and long term, it is best to divide it into smaller goals. Example :
I plan to learn Guitar by 2017” is a huge goal. This should be broken down into smaller goals with exact dates like – “I will complete 4 basic guitar chords by 10th June” , and similar other smaller goals.

3. Write Down your plan/routine :

Writing down your goals/sub-goals and routine is one of the most important activity. This also makes you more serious and accountable. While writing you might also get innovative ideas on how to achieve your targets.

4. Create a handy chart to measure daily progress :

Once you have decided and written down your goal/sub-goals and routine, create a tabular chart with dates to monitor your progress. Keep this chart handy. Better hang it on some wall where it will be visible to you always. Keep marking on this chart as you complete your targets. Some people like using mobile apps for this.

5. Share with group/family :

Sharing with a group of like minded people or family helps. It gives you an emotional advantage as now there will be people who you are accountable to. Although sometimes you might want to inform others only after you have achieved your goal. This is also Okay.

6. Reward yourself on completion of every small Goal :

Never be too harsh on yourself. Promise yourself a reward on completion of every small Goal. This will keep the journey exciting.

Follow these tips and share with others.


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