I cursed the fact that I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet

Ever noticed how often do we complain about small and big things in our life. We often take things for granted and do not ever think about the various gifts we have received.

Life and nature has given us so much, that we often fail to cherish these beautiful gifts.

We often complain about our food and taste. Think about the millions who go empty stomach every night and are ready to eat anything that can help them survive until the next day.

Feel the pure and fresh air going in and out of your lungs right now and be thankful that you are alive and healthy.

Think about the billion homeless people and be grateful for the home you are living in.

Be thankful that you have nice clothes to wear. You have means of fun and entertainment.

Cherish all the gifts given to you. Everything around us, our family, friends, means of conveyance and communication, ability to walk, speak, think and see. Each of this is a great gift of life and is meant to be acknowledged and cherished.

Take out a notebook and write down all the things you have and are grateful for. You will be amazed to know how much we take these vital presents for granted and never acknowledge such precious gifts.

Next time whenever you feel low or depressed or unhappy, always remember this ancient Persian proverb:

“I cursed the fact that i had no shoes until i saw a man who had no feet”

And count the endless blessings you already have.


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