Its time to cut your BRANCH (story)

There was a farmer who had two very beautiful eagles. They had their nest on a branch of a tree.

The farmer had taken care of them since they were small eaglets.
The farmer and the eagles became very good friends.

One morning the farmer saw one of them flying for the first time. He was elated. He jumped with joy and clapped to encourage the young eagle.

After some time he noticed that the other eagle was still sitting on the branch. He tried to encourage him too to fly, but he did not. The farmer thought may be he will fly tomorrow and went back to his home.

The next day, the farmer saw the same eagle flying again and the other one sitting on the branch.
Few weeks passed, but the second eagle did not leave the branch.
The farmer tried everything he could but the eagle did not fly.

The farmer finally gave up.

One day a saint came towards that way and halted at the farm to take some rest. The farmer being a deeply religious person, invited the saint for lunch. The saint agreed.
While having lunch the saint saw the beautiful eagle sitting on the branch. The farmer told the story of the two eagles.

The saint thought for a while and said, “Can I stay here tonight ?”.
The farmer was happy to oblige and made arrangements for his stay.

The next morning the farmer went to the farms to attend to the saint. He saw the saint sitting under the tree and the eagle was not there. He looked up and saw both the eagles flying beautifully.

He ran to the saint and asked, “This is amazing. What did you do ?”

The saint said,
I simply cut the branch on which the eagle was sitting for so long. To avoid falling the eagle struggled and finally flew

Is this what we do in our life ? We cling to our branch, our comfort zone for so long that we forget our amazing abilities to fly.

Come our of your comfort zone and feel the air.




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