Journey is often more beautiful than the destination

Destination is your Achievement
Journey is your Experience

Reaching the top of a mountain is indeed an awesome feeling. But all that followed before is what gives you knowledge and experience.

Ever wondered, when you tell others about any goal you achieved, you normally tell them the story of how you planned it, what hardships you faced and how you overcame all obstacles. This is what we call the journey.

Remember the last time you set some goal and started your honest endeavour to achieve it. It may be some personal goal or an official project, a target you want to achieve. Sometimes we get so much involved in focusing on the end result, we often oversee the joy and beauty of the process, the journey and the path that leads to our goal.

What if we can make our journey so exciting and beautiful, so we can enjoy every part of it and not just the end result. Here are few quick tips to start right and enjoy the process till completion:

1. Decide your GOAL : split it up if the goal is a bigger one. Always set targets for next few hours or day, NOT target for month.quarter or year. Do not set up a goal like – “I want to loose 10 kg of weight by the end of this month”. Instead split it up and decide what are you going to do daily, e.g. “Today i will run 1 km at 6:00 am”.

2. Layout a ROADMAP : always write down your smaller goals with date/time. Writing down gives an advantage as it wires signals directly to our brain.  Also we are more dedicated to written goals. Smaller goals with schedules is the key of making the best blueprint for your success.
Also make this journey more beautiful and enjoyable by promising yourself a reward after completion of every milestone. You can also promise yourself something big/something you want to buy at the end of the process.

3. Document your PROGRESS : everyday you achieve your small daily goals, go back to your written goals and tick mark what you completed today. Also write down a bit on your learnings, your feelings on achieving the goal of today.

4. Stick to the PLAN : this is the most important part. The first 2 habits of creating smaller goals and writing them down actually helps in sticking to the plan. Still if you get derailed from your plan in middle, do not worry, its okay, just get back on track and continue from there.

How great will it be if we learn to enjoy the process of achieving anything in life. The entire life will become a beautiful experience. And its all possible and simple if you follow the above listed process.

  • Make small goals
  • Write them down
  • Make a schedule
  • Promise yourself a reward on every goal achieved
  • Stick to the plan
  • And Enjoy the entire journey

After you have completed your bigger goal. Just go back and look at all your notes. This is experience of life

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