Learn to enjoy every minute of your life

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future”
Earl Nightingale

What is that matters most to you.
Is it your job ? Or the money you earn ? Or is it what others think about you ?

Or it is this amazing,dynamic life nurturing with full energy within your body.

How strange ! We often spend most of our time and energy discussing and worrying about people and things that actually do not matter so much.

Lets suppose you are most concerned and worried about earning huge amounts of money. Think about this-

If God appears today and asks you,
“Give me your hands and i will give you a million dollars”
“I will give you 10 million for both of your eyes”

What will you say. If you are going to refuse the offer, remember you are in a way saying that you already have assets worth of millions.
Why are you unhappy then ? You already have everything that is required for a great life.

Find happiness and life in every moment. Even if you believe you are in a difficult phase, look out for the silver lining. The fact that you are alive and full of life is sufficient for happiness. All other things will follow.

You do not need to wait for tomorrow to be happy.
Enjoy and be happy today.
And prepare for an even better tomorrow.

Some simple tips:

Be thankful for every meal and every bit you get to eat. Enjoy it.

Take a min break and thank for all that you have, your life, family, friends.

Go deep and be thankful that you have clean water to drink, fresh air to breath and a home to live. Many do not have all of this.

Take a walk in nature whenever you get time and spend some time with your own self everyday.

Life is BEAUTIFUL, if you have the right eyes to see.



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