How was my 2015 : Learnings !

Yet another year is about to end. Looking back it feels as if it was a very short year. May be i feel that way because this year was full of events and activities, accomplishments, achievements and failures and a lot and lot of learnings.

The best way to bid adieu to 2015 will be to list down all the learnings taught by this exciting year and share with you:

1. Be Bold, Take up CHALLENGES : On of the best learning i got this year. Don’t shy away from challenging assignments, projects, situations. Actually these are the opportunities that will make you a better person in whatever field you are. And these are the assignments that you will be proud of all your life.
I feel myself fortunate that i took up challenges this year that made me a much better person.

2. Always keep LEARNING : Never stop learning. Whatever assignment/project/work you are doing,  always try to know more and more about your craft. We are in one of the best times of our life where knowledge is easily accessible to everyone through a connected network on internet. Take advantage of this. Take out 1-2 hrs everyday to learn something new.
This simple act has the potential to change your life and i am talking here with experience.

3. Be HUMBLE, Be HELPFUL : No matter where you get or what you become, always stay grounded. The moment we develop ego and arrogance is the end of all learning and beginning of decline.
Always share your knowledge, experience and learning with others. That is the best way you can immortalise your knowledge and become helpful to others.
We are in this world for a limited time. Make the best use of it. And the best use of your life will be to make others life better.

4. Get Up and TRY AGAIN : Failed at something on first attempt? Don’t worry try again. Keep on trying till you get it done. There is nothing that cannot be achieved. In fact, the truth is if you get something on the very first attempt, there will be minimum and limited learning out of it. Failing and trying again, makes your learning and experience.

5. PATIENCE : If you have the capacity to wait for things to come your way, you will develop into a much better person. I say this with a sweet experience. I am glad that i delivered by best and then waited for rewards to come my way.

6. GRATEFUL for everything : Ever imagined how fortunate we are to live in a healthy environment with easy access and availability to food, water, clean air to breathe, family, friends and everything around us. Its so surprising that we take so many things for granted in our life, and mostly these are the things that we cannot survive without.
Be grateful to everything you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have.
This is a beautiful world.

I can say that by far this was the best year yet of my life. I say this particularly because it gave me a lot of learning and experience that i can cherish my entire life.

Thank You 2015 for making me a better person.


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