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Have you ever imagined that we learn to create, analyse and use sophisticated gadgets like computer, mobiles, apps etc and become really good at operating them in some time, but often fail to analyse and learn our own self and lead a mediocre life. Even worse, some of us get frustrated over small day to day issues that life throws at us and blame destiny.

Imagine if you can understand life manual and get an easy to follow user guide that gives you instructions and shows the right way to deal with life.

Lets make it simple. Lets follow these simple rules and observe how things become simple and efficient.

  1. Take Charge of Your Life – Start Small :Any situation, person, place or thing should not let you define your life and actions. You have the control, and the power to change things.Lets say you are in debt due to which there is a lot of related issues, financial and personal which are concerning you. Here you can blame and play victim or take charge of the situation.  Accept that you are in some concerning situation. Now with a calm mind write down some feasible solutions that you think can be practically implemented. Create a chart/plan of how can you overcome this debt.
    Based on the analysis create some action items for yourself. These can be very small things like you decide to save some particular amount every day/week/month that will enable you to lower your debt.This strategy can be applied to any situation in life. You want to complete some important project, Want to learn something new, Need to loose weight, get fit etc.


  2. Persist, Persist, Persist :  Do you know the most common reason for people achieving great heights and success in their life is only that they continued their work despite of challenges and opposition.
    While others who gave up never reached their targets.
    You start with great enthusiasm but if you,encounter any blockage or opposition in your way, just remember to continue with grit and determination.Infant look at these obstacles as situations to make you stronger and work with double determination. Imagine after you have reached your goal, you will have an interesting story to tell everyone.


  3. Be Honest, Be Humble :  Always remember to be sincere with your efforts. If you cannot be honest with yourself and your work, you cannot be honest with anything else in your life. Another life rule is you receive back what you send in the universe, often with multiplied intensity. So you can decide what you want and only give that to others.Also remember that their are many factors that work for you and your success. Never boast or   brag about yourself or your achievements. Alway be humble.


  4. Gratitude :  Always be thankful for everything you have. When was the last time you thanked  God or Nature for the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink.
    Its surprising to know that we take so vital things available to us for granted that we never even imagine to be grateful towards them.Being thankful to everything you have got is one of the best ways to remain humble and appreciate small things in life.


  5. Give Back :  Give back to the society what you have received in any form that you can. Whether its your knowledge or resources.
    When you achieve something, it becomes your responsibility to spread your knowledge and help people learn and gain from your learnings. This is like a chain and you have the responsibility of keeping it alive and going.
    Help others in any possible way you can.


Don’t live an average life when you were born to be GREAT.
Be brave, be bold. Let situations not define you. Take control, act, persist, achieve and give back to society. This life manual is the ultimate user guide we all need to understand.

All the Best for your best life ahead.


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