Making Change Effortless

How often do you face the challenge of changing some habit, routine, diet, way of living or any other aspect of life. We often start at something with great enthusiasm but most of the times this high energy lasts for a few days and we go back to our old habits and say “Change is Difficult”.

Well, any change or a new habit can be developed efficiently if you follow these tips:

1. Start Small : Do not bring any drastic change in your life in a single go. Go stepwise. If you want to wake up early in the morning, check what is your current wake-up time and decrease 5-10 mins daily instead of hours. If you wake up at 8 am and decide to wake up at 5 tomorrow, you may be able to do that for few days but will eventually give-up.
To have a long lasting change always do stepwise transformation.

2. Know Yourself : Before going for any transformation, ask yourself is this something you really want to implement in your life? Is this so important to you that you are ready to sacrifice some other things to achieve this? Will this really matter in the longer run?
Answers to these questions will make you realise your commitment toward this change and also will filter away some unwanted changes that you don’t require.

3. Have a Plan : Once you have decided what and why you need a change, take down a notebook and write your plan to achieve it. Be very atomic and put down every possible details, routine, course of action that you will do date wise.
This will make your plans physical and you will be more committed to it now.

4. Take Help : If you are planning something that someone else has achieved earlier, do not hesitate to ask for help and guidance. You can save a lot of time,energy + avoid a lot of unnecessary things this way.
Also share it with your close friends and family you can trust to make yourself more committed to your plan.

5. Plan a reward : Promise yourself some good reward, gift, vacation once you are able to implement and complete your plan. Never be too harsh on yourself. Enjoy the journey during this transformation.

What change do you want to implement. Close your eyes and visualise you have already achieved your plan. How do you feel. How others feel about you. Do this daily until you achieve your target.

Try this and apply on any change you plan to do today.



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