My Angel, My Princess came today

May 22 2016, Sunday. Today my princess came into this world. So soft, so cute, tiny hands, fingers and toes. Its the beginning of a new life.

We will call her Kyra.

I feel so blessed and lucky to have you in my life. Feel i am on the top of the world. Just a few moments with you have given me so much happiness and hope. I feel 10 times the energy that i can do anything for you.

Also makes me remember and realise the pain and sufferings Sangeeta (my wife) went through while giving birth to our doll. Makes you even more special for us.

You are my first baby and the experience of becoming a parent is awesome. I really want to spend a lot of time with you. See you growing. Want to watch every movement you make and record every expression of yours. Life has suddenly become so beautiful. The moment i look at you everything seems fine in life.

I was so afraid to hold you at the beginning, now i am not. Now i want to hold you for the rest of my life.

Thanks for coming into our life and making it so so so beautiful.
Looking forward to see you growing, playing. We will have lots of fun and will enjoy every moment together.

You are my Life Charger.


Me and My Princess Kyra

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