One step at a time

There was a piece of land behind my house. It was lying vacant since a long time.

Few months ago, i saw few people coming and measuring the land with scales and other tools.
I soon realised, a construction work is going to start.

I witnessed, everyday few people would come and dig the land, some would collect and store the material.

It was difficult to visualise what exactly was coming up there.

I particularly was engaged in watching a labourer who was building the central section.

He would collect the brick store near him, and then pick up every brick very carefully and examine.
If he is satisfied he would then lay down the brick and fix it with cement.

Sometimes he would shape it with a chisel for getting the perfect curves.
He used to remove the brick often whenever the placement was not perfect, and do it all over again.

I saw him doing the same thing over and over again for few days.
He completed one section, then moved to the other, working in his own unique style.

I had to go away from my place for some important work.
I returned after some time and was curious to see what progress has been made on the construction site.

I raised the curtain of my window and behold, there was this beautiful house shining brightly under the sun.


I gazed over it for sometime.
I recaptured, how that person started picking up one brick at a time, how carefully he examined and placed every brick with precision.

How a vacant land was turned into a beautiful marvel.

Isn’t this exactly how every great work should’ve started?
Isn’t this a perfect analogy,
how we should go about every work and every thing in our life?

Take every step with lots of love, care and determination.
Careful placement of every step
Repeat if required

One Step at a time !




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