Do one difficult thing Everyday

Are you trying to start on some critical project or assignment. Do you feel that you are not able to progress enough on some important task that you need to complete. If the answer is yes, Don’t worry you are like many of us and it is natural. If brain perceives something as challenging or difficult, […]

Life Algorithm …

Have you ever imagined that we learn to create, analyse and use sophisticated gadgets like computer, mobiles, apps etc and become really good at operating them in some time, but often fail to analyse and learn our own self and lead a mediocre life. Even worse, some of us get frustrated over small day to day […]

Get. Set. Go – How to achieve any goal

“Take the very first Step Rest will be taken care of” Think of the last time you had planned to achieve a target, personal or official. What issues you faced, was the process of working towards your goals enjoyable or you felt irritated and just wanted to complete it because you had to, Or just […]

Journey is often more beautiful than the destination

Destination is your Achievement Journey is your Experience Reaching the top of a mountain is indeed an awesome feeling. But all that followed before is what gives you knowledge and experience. Ever wondered, when you tell others about any goal you achieved, you normally tell them the story of how you planned it, what hardships you […]


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