Power of Questions

How many questions do you answer or ask everyday? Probably we are surrounded with questions all the times. Some of these we create for ourselves, like:

What will be my future.
What will i do if this event happens.
What am i going to cook today.
What am i going to wear for the party.
Why am i doing this job.
How to get this work done.
When will i get promoted.

There are others that are being asked to us.

If you analyse most of these questions fall into the following 4 categories:


I call these the Power Questions and you will know in a moment why.

Lets do a short activity.
Think of any topic that you want to learn or understand. It can be related to your studies, job, household work, etc.
Now, Write it down on a notebook(or an electronic device if you prefer)  and create 4 sections.
Each of this section will contain the above questions What, Why, When, How.

Now write down the answers for every section. You may take online help if required.

When you are done just go through every section.
You will be amazed that the answers for these 4 questions actually covers all the aspects of the topic that you want to learn and you will understand it in a much better way.

The science here is when we categorise our understanding of any topic in these 4 questions, it becomes easy and effective for our brains to consume and remember information.

Also while doing a conversation use these 4 questions about the topic that you want to understand from others.

Best thing about this is you can learn anything in the world if you try to get answer for these 4 questions about that topic.

Hope you will implement this strategy while learning anything next time.


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