Stop managing your TIME. Start managing your FOCUS

Stop managing your time. Start managing your focus.”
                                                                     -Robin Sharma

Think of the last time you were watching your favourite movie.

Did you notice how the hours went by? Did you keep a track of time?
You probably might have felt that the movie ended too early even when it ran for over 2 hours.

Now imagine, when you have to spent similar amount of time on something you do not like so much or you get distracted every minute, how do you feel ?
Does 2 hours feel like a lot of time ? Do you end up investing time way beyond required ?

What changed in the 2nd scenario. 

Your Interest and Focus.

And if that is true why do we keep hearing about Time Management everywhere ?

If we can learn something more deeper i.e. Focus Management, won’t it take care of time and efficiency?

Some Quick Tips

Fragment your work : if you have to do or achieve something that will need you working for hours/days. Do split your work into smaller goals and go about it one at a time with full focus.

Do one thing at a time : Simply put human brains are not designed for multi-tasking. We might claim that we do 20 things in a day, but we do only 1 thing at a time more efficiently. Same principle we need to apply to our work. 

Create Focus Zones : Work in distraction free environments. Find your space where you cannot be disturbed by anything or anyone for the duration of your work.

Have clutter free space : Do not do your work on a table or room full of clutter and mess. Our mind works best when the surroundings are tidy and minimal.

Take Breaks : Take frequent breaks. You can take 5 min break after every 40 mins of focussed work.


Once you learn and apply focus management, you will never have to worry about Time Management.




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