The Push We Need !


There is a tradition in the species of Eagles that they build their nest at the top of a cliff, at the very edge of it.

After nursing the young one’s for few months when the mother Eagle decides its the time, she starts pushing the young eagles one by one from the cliff.

This is the most difficult process in an Eagle’s life. This will be the first time the baby eagles will attempt to fly.
What happens if they can’t?
What if something goes wrong?
It will be the end of it. There is no second chance. But knowing all this, the Eagle gives a push to the babies. They resent it, they cry, But the mother Eagle knows,

What is your life’s worth if you cannot use your Wings“.

You will fail to understand the privilege to be born as an Eagle until you learn how to soar high.
The thrill of soaring has to begin with the fear of falling.

She gives a final push and the baby eagles fall from the cliff.
In mid air, they span their wings, give their best effort, give a final push using every muscle in their bodies and soar higher and higher in the skies.

Some times we need that push to realise our potential and abilities. Often we need someone to give us that push and sometimes we need to give this push to others.

Their is no purpose of life until you discover your WINGS



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