The Sun and the Cave – Be the miracle you want to see!

“Be the miracle you want to see”

Once upon a time there was the Sun and a Cave.
The cave was underground and has spent its life in Darkness.

One day the cave heard a voice calling it out – “Hey come out and see the light

Who are you” – the cave asked.
I am the Sun, come out and see light

Cave said, – “What is light ? I do not know. I have spent my life in Darkness. I only know darkness
Sun replied -“Come out and see for yourself

The cave came out and saw light for the first time and was elated.

Cave then said to the Sun – “Hey, come with me under the ground and i will show you darkness
What! What is darkness? I don’t know, i have spent my entire life in light” – said the Sun.

Come down with me and see for yourself” – the Cave replied.

The Sun agreed and they both went down the ground. After reaching underground the Sun shouted –

Where is Darkness ?

There was light all around


 Lets become like Sun this New Year and spread lightness everywhere you go.

You have immense power to change your life and inspire others.

Be the SUN of your life. 

“Be the MIRACLE you want to see”




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