This is what we need !

While surfing YouTube recently I came across this random video.

3 Puppies stuck badly in rock solid tar. There was no visible hope of their survival.
I started watching and the initial scenes did not give any hope for those poor puppies.

It was looking impossible to even lift them up from their position.
The team of volunteers, decided to dig the ground beneath them and lift the entire slab.

They did that and then started cutting out the tar carefully.
After days of care and hard work, the puppies were finally free.

I wondered, this team of volunteers made me realize the importance of life. Be it any life.
Very often we don’t even care for lives of stray dogs and animals. 
There are good chances that a lot of people might have observed these puppies and would have ignored them.

Every life is precious.
I hope we all can develop respect for every life and help every creature who needs our help in any way possible.

Thanks to the people in this video.
You have left a better person in me.




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