Time to take a PAUSE ?

If you feel,

  • You have a fixed daily routine
  • You do similar activities everyday
  • You do not feel the spark in what you are doing
  • You have some desires and in the race of achieving those you are not able to feel and enjoy the present
  • You are not enjoying this precious life to the fullest

Then its time to take a break and think:

What is that you want most in this life, is it money, fame, big house and cars ?
Or is it you want a nice peaceful life with your loved ones ?
And I am not saying having materialistic desires is bad. Even if your desire is more money, house and cars, What is the best way to achieve this.

Can all this not be achieved by doing something you love. May be its not an easy thing, may be it can take some time to manifest. But if you make the journey more beautiful then the destination, how great will it be.

Take a Pause and think over it !



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