TRI-BOY (the story)

Once upon a time there lived a little frog in a bog who was different from all the others.
This little frog had three hind legs, and his name was Tri-Boy.

All the other little frogs had two hind legs. Tri-Boy was treated unmercifully by other frogs and was made fun of because he was different.

One day all of the little frogs decided to go to the nearby farm for a picnic. This time they reluctantly included Tri-Boy in the picnic.

He was so happy.

The owner of the farm had dug a deep pit along the way to the farm to catch foxes and other predators.

As the little frogs jumped towards the farm happily singing songs, all of a sudden they fell into the pit and were trapped.

All the frogs tried hard to jump out of the pit but in vain.
None was able to reach the top.

Tri-Boy said, “I think I can do it“.

The other frogs laughed at him.
They all thought that Tri-Boy was good for nothing. They forgot that Tri-Boy had three hind legs while all of them had two. His third leg gave him the ability to jump higher with a super force.

Tri-Boy exhaled, took five deep breaths, and jumped as high as he could and jumped up and out of the pit.

All the frogs in the pit were surprised that Tri-Boy could achieve this amazing feat and began to cheer.
Then they asked one another, “What will Tri-Boy do now?

But Tri-Boy was already running to find a long stick, which he brought back and dropped down in the pit.

All the frogs climbed up safely.
They all gave three cheers for Tri-Boy,

Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurra!

From that time on, Tri-Boy was never looked down by others and made a special place in the group.



References – Heights Student Magazine


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