Try and fail, but NEVER FAIL TO TRY (Story)

George was a great King and everyone adored him in his kingdom. Once his kingdom was attacked by a greedy ruler from another empire who had a large army.

George had smaller army and was defeated. He fled for his life and took refuge inside a cave in a forest. 

He saw, there was a tiny spider who was trying to weave a web across the walls of the cave. He tried to suspend a thread across ceiling of the cave but failed and fell down. He climbed again and tried again. Failed and fell again. He kept on trying and trying.
George was patiently and keenly observing all the acts of the spider.

Finally after several failed attempts, the Spider was able to create the web.

This entire incident moved something within George.
He thought – “When a tiny little spider can try and fail and try again, why can’t I.”

Taking this lesson he got up with all his strength and courage, gathered his army and attacked the enemy with full force.

He was finally able to regain his kingdom and learnt a life lesson from the tiny Spider.

“Try and fail, but NEVER FAIL TO TRY”

George and the Spider in a cave


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