What are you waiting for? Do it NOW

Is there something you want to do and is pending for a long time ?

Have you ever realized what is that stopping you from starting. Or is it something you have started but not able to progress and feel stagnated.

Whenever we want to do something we get a lot of doubts and questions.

  • This is hard
  • How will I do it ?
  • How will I get the resources ?
  • Will I be able to make it ?
  • What if I fail ?
  • What will others think or say ?

Here are some simple tips to get you started.

  • Just decide what you want to do
  • If it is a long term goal. Break it down and decide exactly what you can do today
  • Based on the time available decide on the actual hours you can give to your work today
  • Just start doing it without worrying about the long term outcomes
  • Say to yourself – “This is my mission for today and come what may, i am gonna do it 
  • Start in a environment suitable for you, where you will not get disturbed.
    If possible switch off your phone/notification for an hour
  • Promise yourself a treat at the end of it
  • Have a small handy note book to write your today’s achievements
  • Repeat the same tomorrow

After just one week look back at all you have accomplished and you will be surprised to see your progress
Just try this out and see how you feel.