What is 4 Square Breathing

I recently discovered this awesome breathing technique and thought of sharing this with you.

The Technique:
The very basic implementation of this technique is to inhale and exhale in equal proportions.

Step 1 : Inhale and take a deep breath for 4 secs. (count upto 4 while inhaling)

Step 2 : Hold the breath for 4 secs. (count upto 4 while holding)

Step 3 : Exhale completely for 4 secs (count upto 4)

Step 4 : Hold the breath for 4 secs. (count upto 4)

Repeat the process 5 – 6 times.

The Application:
This can be done anytime, several times a day. The best part is that you can practice this anytime of a day, wherever you are, at home, office, while travelling, watching TV etc.

Once you are accustomed with the 4 square breathing, you can take it to higher level of 5 square, 6 square, upto 10 square.


Release Anxiety and Stress : As this technique involves mind + body at the same time, it is a great stress buster. You can feel the calmness just after doing this exercise.

Controls breathing pattern : This greatly controls and organises our pattern of breathing and in-turn controls our emotions and make us more responsive rather than reactive.

Improves Focus and Concentration : Do this exercise during small breaks when you are doing something important. This will greatly increase your concentration. Try it now and feel the difference right away.

Boosts brain energy : Great exercise for brain and nervous system. Calms and rejuvinates you within seconds.

4 square breathing technique
4 square breathing technique



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