Whatever you make, Make it YOURS !

I went to the market yesterday and stopped at a grocery shop.
I saw right across the street a Carpenter working on something so focussed.

He was not disturbed by the traffic noise.
It was hot and he was sweating a lot. It seemed he did not bother.

He would measure the wooden planks carefully, then take his pencil and mark some points, then take his saw and very carefully cut the wood.

He would then again measure the piece, compare it with other one and do some more brushing and polishing.

He placed the finished piece carefully and started on the new one.
Similar pattern continued for sometime, when finally it was time for me to leave.

I was curious to know, What exactly was he making with so much focus ?

I wanted to go across the street and ask him, but then i thought,
Leave it, I am anyways getting late“.

I came back home, but i still had the visual images of the carpenter working with absolute concentration.
I was up all night and could not get the images out of my mind. May be i was curious to know what he was making.

I thought to visit the place again and ask the Carpenter.
I reached the shop. Could not see the Carpenter. I asked the owner about him.

The shop owner said, “He is not exactly the Carpenter, he is a labourer who works for daily wages“.

I asked, “What exactly was he making yesterday?

Oh! thats the chair lying in that corner“, answered the owner.


I looked at it and My God! it was the most beautiful chair i had seen. It was lying very elegantly, shining in the sun. Every part every design looked to beautiful.

I wanted to meet the person. I had to wait for about an hour.

Finally i met him and asked.

The shop owner said you work as a labourer here. How exactly did you learn and make these masterpieces.

I do not consider my self a labourer”, he said. “I think of myself as an artist. An artist who gets opportunity to make and bring beautiful things in this world everyday.

How exactly are you able to keep the focus, stamina, motivation.“, I enquired.

He said the golden words,

“Whatever you make, MAKE IT YOURS !”



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