“You are stronger than your challenges and
your challenges are making you stronger.”

Karen Salmansohn

I often observe my baby, learning to walk for the first time.

How much eager she is to stand up with my support. She falls and cries and the next moment tries again.
Tries to take a few steps holding my hand and falls again.
Still she does not give up and calls me to hold her again and uses my hands as support to try one more time.

She does this everyday. I have been observing her since about a week and she has not given up.

I know you will do it one day.

Isn’t this a perfect analogy to describe and deal with our challenges.

Our life starts with such challenges and we overcome every challenge by trying and working on it.

There was a time when you did not know how to walk but you can run now.
There was a time when you did not know how to speak, but today you can, probably unstoppably .

Our body, our mind, are far more capable then we know. 
Only thing you have to do is keep trying and keep pushing your limits.

Someone wise told me:

“You will never be given a work that you cannot do”





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